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Our Outstanding Results...

JEE Advanced
Sumant AIR 4307 Shambhavi AIR 5736 Ayushi Agrawal AIR 9613 Shreya Mishra AIR 10915

JEE Mains
Shambhavi 99 %tile Shreya Mishra 98 %tile Ayushi Agrawal 97.13 %tile

Arnab 624/720 Bijay Laxmi 632/720 Kamalesh 626/720

Congratulations to all the Students!

Why Sarathi is BEST

100% faculty members from IIT for JEE preparation

A teacher should be one who knows the way, goes the way and then, shows theay. Here at Sarathi, we have the best of the faculty members from across many departments, having expertise over physics, chemistry, maths, faculties who are there right from the premier institutes who can not only teach but share their experiences of preparation for IITs.

Creative ways ofteaching using ppts, videos,animations etc.

Ever wondered why the students are addicted to the smart phones? Because it really captivates the mind and intelligence. Here at Sarathi we use state of the art techniques so that the minds of the students are engaged in grasping the subject matter with full attention. That’s why we call teaching at Sarathi is so much fun and students really love the subject matter.

Super Smart Study Slots

Since many ages and centuries, Svadhyaya has been one of the main principles in the making of a first class student. For sure the role of teachers cannot be undermined but Self-study by student is equally important if not less. So here at Sarathi we have smart study slots where the students must solve the Practice papers in order to imibe the subject matter deeply.

Scholastic CompleteStudy Material

Do you know why many students who are sincere, studious and hard-working as well get poor rank in competitive exams like IITJEE? A very significant folly that contributes to such unfortunate predicament is CHOOSING under-quality study materials, irrelelvant reference books or books with a lot of similar questions. That is why here at Sarathi we have designed a complete and thorough coursework that emcompasses relevant quality content and a variety of problems as well. Familiarity with the test patterns and OMR scripts gives an edge over others.

Balancing Boards and IIT JEE Preparations

IITJEE is board plus something extra. Our curriculum is designed in such away that it covers the spectrum of entire board syllabus and then we add the rainbow of IITJEE preparation so that students can come up with flying colors in both exams. Here at sarathi we have a balanced and wholesome approach towards this that caters to the needs of Board exam preparation as well as competitive exams preparation

Review of Students Performance

Anything that has to be managed requires to be measured. When we realize our strengths and weaknesses, only then we have the opportunity to capitalize on them effectively. That is why at Sarathi we have regular review of student’s performance.

Regular meetings with highly qualified IAS officers, Doctors, Researchers and IITians

IITJEE preparation is not a sprint, it’s a marathon that requires years of hardwork and consistent inspiration. That’s why here at Sarathi we organize regular meetings with esteemed personalities who have themselves achieved peaks of success in their lives. Interacting with them, listening to their success stories inspires the student to achieve similar crescendo in their lives as well.

Get-together festival celebrations

Imagine writing with a pencil for 100 long hours at a stretch. It's not just possible because the pencil requires sharpening at regular intervals. Sharpening a pencil is not a waste of time. Have you heard of theincreasing Suicide rates amongst the Indian teenagers specially in cities like Kota where the environment is fraught with cut-throat competition? That is why here at Sarathi we have regular festival celebrations that not only act as great stress busters but also cater to the emotional and social needs of a student.

Some FAQs

What lies behind you and what lies beyond you are tiny matters compared to what lies within you. IITJEE preparation requires sheer determination, self-control, and consistent endeavors. We have seen many students getting as low as 70% in their X boards but came out with flying colors in IITJEE whereas their school toppers flunked in IITJEE. So yes! Preparation is difficult but proper guidance and hard work, anything is possible.

Many times students become fearful of a particular subject because that subject is taught in an improper way by the teachers. A teacher who loves the subject can teach the subject because he lives the subject. Here at Sarathi, teaching is not a profession, it’s our heart. So my dear friend, do not fear, Mathematics is a smooth curve here. Enroll in Sarathi today because quality education matters at the end of the day.

No, the syllabus of IITJEE and boards are two largely overlapping circles. Only the mode of examination is different. Boards are mostly subjective i.e. they require detailed solution whereas IITJEE is fully objective based paper. If a student adapts according to the Board exam pattern, developing writing habits even just one month before exams, he can pass out with flying colors.

First of all it is a misnomer that anyone who goes to Kota or Delhi clears IITJEE. The success rate even in coaching hubs is like 1-2%. Although world class facilities are available there, still that is not the complete story. First of all staying in a big city and studying in any of the popular colleges require around 4-6 lakhs per year. Secondly, not all batches receive equally qualified teachers. Apart from first few batches, the rest of the faculty are quite average. Moreover, cut-throat competitive atmosphere, no support from family members, peer pressure, inability to maturely handle the freedom, endless distractions in the form of cyber cafes, mobiles, internet, addictions to self-destructive habits like smoking, drinking and drugs, and the most widely neglected issue of relationships leave a student bewildered in the casino of despair. All of which could have been avoided had the child been under the shelter and vigilance of the parents

You be what you associate with. Along with focused teachers and focused preparation batches it is easier to be focused. A self motivating will power oriented preparation generally lasts only for few weeks. Our special package of meetings with the esteemed IAS officers, doctors, Foreign grads, will motivate you to the core. And along with that There must be a desire to do well, a hunger to study in the Premier Institutes of India, an ambition to go ahead of others, a zeal to prove yourself.

A fully grown up tree giving mature ripened fruit comes out of the seed that was planted 8 years ago. When the basics are not strong, it is very difficult to grasp the subject matter in just 2 to 3 years of preparation. A building with strong foundation can have multiple storeys, but if the foundation is not strong then achieving success it just a story. We want our students to be nurtured and nourished right from the day when Maths and Science start showing their toughness. Also Earlier IITJEE had many many attempts. So most of the students used to start preparation after class XII. Then the no. of attempts got reduced to two. And the students used to start preparing from class XI. But now-a-days in the era of cut throat competition, it necessitates one to start preparing as early as possible. Past results of IITJEE as well prove hat most of the students who get top ranks in IITJEE are the ones who started preparing before. Therefore to get sure shot success, start early and beat the competition.

Yes, in WINNERS batch, we have planned exclusive zipped classroom module covering entire IITJEE syllabus in 1 year. But since time will be less, we expect the students to be more prompt and enthusiastic

Sarathi - IIT JEE, NEET Coaching

Sarathi has been started as a forum for nurturing young minds aiming to develop the potential of each student in a stimulating environment of academic excellence and mutual respect. Upon receiving recognition and support from students and parents, it grew up into an academy where XI and XII students are taught syllabus of JEE and NEET along with board preparation and IX and X students are taught board syllabus in such a way that it acts as a strong foundation for the competition they are going to face in the future. Faculty members here are all students from IIT, so there is not only an experience of teaching but also the experience of struggle for clearing the competitive examinations.

Here at Sarathi, emphasis is given strengthening the fundamentals and clearing the doubts. We aim to equip our students with monthly tests, fortnightly doubt classes, weekly assessment so that they can march daily towards success. We, at Sarathi, give special attention to each student, whether it is academic mentoring or providing emotional support to the students. We believe that any student can succeed in some way provided he is given the right guidance at the right time. We believe that students and parents also help us in making our students succeed and bring good reputation for us.

Our Vision - Mission

Sarathi Academy is a brainchild of the alumnus of the glorious IIT-KGP. We are a team of IITians who are working for a common goal of catalyzing the ambitious young minds through holistic nurturing and competitive training. Our sincere efforts are well appreciated and supported by parents, students and various educational institutions in Kharagpur where our main center is flourishing.

To make a student, succeed in the ever-increasing competitive era is the dire need of today which makes you enrol in the golden board of students joining prestigious institutes like IITs, NIT’s, and Medical and WBJEE colleges. With a sacred purpose towards this, we, a dedicated team of IITians, are aimed towards the betterment of your results to ensure a sparkling career ahead. Thus, the brainchild of our intense meditation for the goal of meritorious career through wholistic nurturing and competitive training is Sarathi Academy where we help you reach your destination.

Office Hours

  • Monday - Friday - 9am to 7pm
  • Sunday - 10am to 5pm