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Great teachers

The teachers at Sarathi are really skilled and thorough for JEE Preparation in their subjects. What better opportunity can be there for learning when the teachers have gone through the same path as the students. My Best Wishes for Sarathi!

Nijwmwary, University of Toronto
Excellent environment

The environment of Sarathi is very warm and conducive for studies which is very crucial for Preparing IIT JEE. The teachers are very patient, loving and caring. In such an environment, overall growth of the student takes place as all his needs are addressed.

Shekhar Saurabh, IIT Kharagpur, IIM Calcutta
Wonderful opening

There is a lot of sacrifice on the part of teachers at Sarathi, which is proven by their wonderful result in JEE and NEET even in the first few months of its opening. Best of Luck Sarathi!

Niladri Hazra, Ex-Director, Geological Survey of India
Dedicated Teachers

The teachers at Sarathi are very very dedicated for their profession. This generates similar enthusiasm amongst the students for studies. All the best Sarathi!

Sarthak Sugandhi, JEE Advanced AIR 676, Engineer at Intel
Extensive study material

Sarathi teachers have designed an extensive and exhaustive study material for IIT JEE which caters to the needs of the aspirants.

Laxmi Narayan Verma, Walmart Labs
One needed academy

I promise to visit Sarathi regularly as it is really a very needed Institute. এই একাডেমি ছাড়া আর কিছুই নেই (there is nothing other than this academy)

Rathin Singha, JEE Advanced AIR 178

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